Sights of Győr and its outskirts


Headquarters of the bishopric  built in age of state foundation.Design of high priest residence is attached to earl Ferenc Zichy’s name.


One of the most beautiful buildings of city center. It hosts famous Radnai-collection since 3rd of November, 1997. Image of building formed by constructions of Esterházy family in 18th century.

Széchenyi square

Each house is listed building . This square not was only the main square of city, but it was scene of executions; here was burned the convict of last witch hunt in 1688. Vastuskós house is found here, what was residence of the magistrates and named about log pierced with nails at its corner.

Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa

It’s a popular place of everyone, who desire recreation at meet of river Mosoni Duna and Rába.

Xantus János Zoo

In zoo opened in 1967, there are more than 500 animals on large paddock similar to their authentic habitat.

Ifjúság hídja ( Bridge of youth)

This is a footbridge, what leads from northern corner of Radó –ait to the plage. It’s continuance of walkway from Rába double bridge to the right. There’s also Venus –statue on this walkway.


Bishopric was based by King I. István, 1000-1009. Basilica was also based under his domination. János Héderváry bishop instructed building of a gothic chapel , where can found Herm of St. László and tomb of Vilmos Apor bishop.

Győri Nemzeti Színház (National Theatre)

This modern building of city Győr was built in 1978. Creations of Victor Vasarely decorates northern and southern frontages.

Zichy palota ( Zichy palace)

Complete renovation of the building started at the beginning of 1980s; at his time was revealed Baroque frescoes. There are Register Office,Wedding Hall and Art Center. Permanent sight is the Doll gallery; 73 dolls was donated by Monika Wiedra Berzsenyi lives in Germany.



Local history collection

Riding hall

Horse track


Equestrian museum

Carriage museum



Blue dyer museum

Szár-hegy lookout

House of gingerbread bakers

Pharmacy museum

Esterházy Palace

Várkert spa


Thermal and Spa

Adventure park

Riding hall

Nádasdy Castle


Boating lake


Monostori Fort

Csillag Castle

Bread museum

Thermal spa

Leisure park

Maritime history collection

Roman Lapidary

Fertőd and its outskirts

Fertő-Hanság National Park

Esterházy Castle

Railway lamp-museum (Fertőszéplak)

Heron Castle (Sarród)

Houses of Regional Traditions (Fertőszéplak, Sarród)



Thermal Spa

House of lace

Bird-watcher leisure park

Machine house

Distillery scene

Fishing lake

Horse riding

Bécs (Wien)

  • Schönbrunn Castle with palace garden, zoo , desert house and labyrinth
  • Prater: tennis court, golf court,racecourse, bicycle court, walkway net, amusement park
  • Art history museum
  • Madame Tussaud wax figures
  • Natural science-, Military history-, and Techniques museum
  • Grafics collection
  • Operahouse
  • Aqua Terra Zoo
  • Hundertwasser house

Pozsony (Bratislava)

  • Márton Dome
  • Primate Palace
  • Mihály Gate
  • House of good sheperd
  • Grassalkovich Castle